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Taff Bargoed Minewater Report Dec 2011

Taff Bargoed Minewater Report Dec 2011The abundance of abandoned mine workings in South Wales and the associated mine water disposal issues are of high concern due to the risk of pollution. The possibility of developing the mine water, which is generally warmer than normal ground temperatures, as a heat source for community energy projects has the prospect of turning an environmental liability into a sustainable energy source. This can also improve community image, environmental health, local employment and the economy, …

Energy and Environmental Management Trends in Enterprises Report Oct 2012

Energy and Environmental Management Trends in Enterprises Report Oct 2012The overall Environment & Sustainability Partnership ‘Energy Manager’ project aims to explore the viability of a business model where small businesses have access to “their own energy manager” who is shared with a limited number of other organisations. The energy manager would not be employed directly by the organisation but the organisation would pay an agreed services fee to a third party organisation that employs the individual to secure an agreed level of resource and support throughout …

Wales Soil Carbon Report and Fact Sheets

Wales Soil Carbon Report and Fact SheetsSoil organic matter represents a major store of world carbon and is therefore important in the fight against climate change. All agricultural soils in Wales store large quantities of carbon, typically 10-50 times more than is held in the overlying vegetation. Preserving and building this soil carbon store is important for locking up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and for helping to protect against future climate change. Below you will find the Wales Soil Carbon Report, together with links …

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