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The Seren EcoCode

The Seren EcoCodeEcoCode is a free Excel-based software tool aimed at helping Welsh small and medium-sized enterprises cut their costs and carbon emissions resulting from utilities, transport and waste. SMEs may not sufficiently track the costs associated with their utilities, such as water and electricity, let alone quantify the carbon produced. Similarly, business transport costs and waste produced may go unrecorded and unmanaged. One way to keep track of these quantities is to adopt a formal environmental …

The Seren Equality and Diversity Toolkit

The Seren Equality and Diversity ToolkitThe Equality and Diversity toolkit is a free software toolkit to assist Welsh Small and Medium enterprises to develop equality and diversity strategies and action plans. Having an equality and diversity statement and action plan these days is seen as a basic requirement for enterprises, not just for the wellbeing of their staff, but also as an integral part of tendering for grants and funding. Developing an Equality and Diversity policy can be a daunting task, particularly for smaller …

Seren Ground Loop Analyser

Seren Ground Loop Analyser The number of installed ground source energy facilities is markedly disproportionate to the amount of naturally occurring thermal energy. Critical to ineffective use of ground thermal energy is the uncertainty involved in estimating the efficiency and cost effectiveness of Ground Source Heat Pump systems (GSHP). One of the main reasons for this uncertainty is the absence of suitable design tools capable of effectively simulating thermal processes. Seren Ground Loop Analyser (GLA) has been …

Seren H-GoLD

Seren H-GoLDThere has been a great deal of concern over the capital costs for Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) systems. Due to the relatively linear cost relationship in loop installation, over-sizing carries a much higher penalty than is the case with conventional equipment. The extent to which capital cost can be reduced depends upon the accuracy with which the heating and cooling loop length is determined. Loop design is a complex issue, but a few key points warrant special attention. Among these are …

Seren Heat Load Calculator

Seren Heat Load CalculatorThis free software is a user-friendly heat load calculation tool based on British standards for the energy performance of buildings (BS: 13790). An appropriate determination of the heat load of buildings is important for the optimisation of heat use. The load calculation process dictates the equipment selection and duct design to deliver conditioned air to each room in a given building. Many designers use a simple square foot method for sizing the heating and cooling system. Such a method is …

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